Protocol for Thermography and Clinical Examination FEI


The following protocol for clinical and thermographical examinations during CSIs/CSIOs/Championships and Games and is effective immediately.

At any time during the Event the legs of all Horses may be checked by thermography by an FEI appointed veterinarian. These examinations may be made before or after competition and in the Event stables. All collected data will be saved at the discretion of the FEI.

After each thermographic examination, every Horse will undergo a brief clinical examination of the legs, which will be carried out by two veterinarians appointed by the FEI specifically for this task who may also be members of the FEI Veterinary Commission. All Horses with a temperature difference between collateral legs exceeding two degrees Celsius or with an extremely high or low temperature of both collateral legs and/or abnormal reactions during the clinical examination will be targeted for further checks during the Event. Each thermographic examination will be followed by a clinical examination by palpation of the limbs. In case a clinical examination reveals an abnormal sensitivity and/or visible changes on the skin of the leg(s) confirmed by the two relevant FEI appointed veterinarians, video evidence will be recorded for possible use later.

If at any stage it is clear and obvious that a Horse is unfit to compete due to signs of hypersensitivity the Person Responsible will be informed directly by the examining veterinarian or through the groom. A recommendation will be made by the two FEI appointed veterinarians through the FEI Veterinary Delegate (the Foreign Veterinary Delegate when a Veterinary Commission has been appointed) to the Ground Jury to have the Horse in question disqualified from the Event in accordance with the FEI General Regulations article 159.6.4, the Rules for Jumping Events article 243.7 and the Veterinary Regulations article 1024.1 and 1024.6.

If a recommendation is made by the two FEI appointed veterinarians through the FEI Veterinary Delegate/ Foreign Veterinary Delegate the Ground Jury will disqualify the Horse in question from that Event, unless there are exceptional circumstances indicating that the Horse in question should be permitted to continue. In this case, the foreign judge must present the Ground Jury’s justification in writing to FEI Headquarters.

Horses disqualified from the Event are likely to be sampled for medication by MCP. Following a decision to disqualify a Horse from an Event for abnormal sensitivity, the Ground Jury must notify the Person Responsible in writing through the disqualification form signed by the Ground Jury, with copy to the Organising Committee and the Foreign Judge, who will record the incident and include the disqualification form in his report to the FEI (GR art. 159.5). A copy of the disqualification form will be forwarded to the Athlete’s NF by the FEI Headquarters.

There is no appeal against the decision of the Ground Jury to disqualify a Horse for abnormal sensitivity from an Event.